When and where?

  • You can use the “Openreach line checker” which will tell you if fibre broadband is available now and the broadband speeds you can currently get at your address.
  • In the “areas now live” section you’ll find a list of areas which have now been upgraded and those which are coming soon.
  • In the “expected coverage” section, you’ll see an overview map of all existing and planned coverage for Leicester and Leicestershire.

These pages will be updated regularly so please check back if your area is due for upgrade in coming months. Alternatively you can also register for updates here.

Please note –  each area in our rollout is subject to detailed planning and survey work. The location of all new green roadside cabinets will be focused  on reaching as many properties as possible with superfast speeds.  Until surveys are complete and build is underway, information provided remains subject to change.