Phase 3 May 2021 Public Consultation

Public Consultation for the extension to the existing contract to further extend coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) Broadband across Leicestershire. 


The Public Consultation is now closed. A Closure Notice, including an Outcome Report and Updated Coverage Maps, has been published and is available for download in PDF format below.


Public Consultation Closure Notice


This public consultation sets out that proposed intervention area, so as to enable all interested stakeholders (including the public, businesses, internet service providers and broadband infrastructure operators) to comment on the proposals. In particular, this provides an opportunity for broadband infrastructure operators to review the County Council’s mapping to ensure that it correctly represents the information provided by them in the course of the OMR. 

All responses to the public consultation will be carefully considered and where necessary will be incorporated into the final map of the intervention area. The final intervention area maps and a summary report confirming details of the changes made to the proposed intervention area will be published on the Superfast Leicestershire website shortly after the closing of the consultation period on 16th June 2021 


Please follow the link below to access the Public Consultation:

Final Phase 3 – Leicestershire Public Consultation May 2021


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