I haven’t changed my broadband package, but since the local cabinet was upgraded to fibre my connection has deteriorated – why is this?

When the new fibre cabinet is installed, the fibre spine brings superfast broadband to that cabinet. However, the copper lines connected to the existing cabinet are still used for the “last mile” between the old cabinet and the premise. Unfortunately, copper connections are very susceptible to electromagnetic interference, this is known as “crosstalk”. This particularly occurs when copper lines are in close proximity to each other, for instance in the multicore cables connecting a group of premises to the original copper cabinet.

When a cabinet is upgraded to fibre, the change in modulation introduced by the new technology may create more crosstalk and this can occasionally result in a slow-down in broadband connections.

BT are trialling solutions to this problem for the new technology and this solution may improve existing connections. We hope to see this implemented in our area in the future. If you are interested in the technical side of this, you may be interested in reading more about it here.