I have been told there are blockages in my area, does this mean the fibre will take even longer?

Unfortunately yes – the blockages occur in ducts which are usually located along the side of roads in the verges, many of which have been unused for a number of years. Over time, they can become blocked by tree roots and moving silt within the ground. Sometimes farmers can, by accident, dig through these ducts which also cause a blockage from the movement in the ground. The fibre is literally blown by machines through the ducts and it is only then, that the blockages are discovered. We have one cabinet where up to 40 blockages across several kilometres have been discovered, each one needs to be mended in order to proceed. If the location of the blockage is close by utility lines or private land, permissions are required from the necessary parties and the highways agency is informed. When a situation like this occurs, where a number of people are involved, the fibre laying process can be extended for some time. The Superfast Leicestershire team provide regular project updates detailing the main issues that we are having in certain areas.