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What are my options for my new build home?

How to supercharge your broadband

What is Superfast Leicestershire?

How fast is superfast fibre broadband?

When can I get superfast fibre broadband?

Why should I buy superfast fibre broadband?

How do I order superfast fibre broadband?

When superfast fibre broadband becomes available in my area, will my broadband simply get faster without me taking any action?

How much does superfast fibre broadband cost?

My service is intermittent and/or my broadband speed is slow, what should I do?

I’m in an enabled area but I cannot get superfast fibre broadband, why not?

My line is connected directly to the exchange. Will I be able to get superfast broadband?

I’m not in an enabled area, is there anything I can do?

What about the premises in Leicestershire that won’t be able to get superfast fibre broadband?

Why is local government investing in superfast broadband at a time when it is making significant budget cuts?

The cabinet is stood. Does this mean it can take orders?

My area has gone live, what does this mean?

I have been told there are blockages in my area, does this mean the fibre will take even longer?

The opposite side of the road is connected so why aren’t I?

Can I speed up the roll-out in my area by gathering registrations of demand?

I haven’t changed my broadband package, but since the local cabinet was upgraded to fibre my connection has deteriorated – why is this?

Why does my broadband run slower at different times of the day?

I am a service provider, what do I do?

What sort of speeds can I realistically expect if I’m able to get fibre as a result of the project?