Films and TV shows within seconds

With fibre broadband you can download the latest movies instantly or watch your favourite TV show whenever you want eliminating buffering and waiting times.

Do more online

With fibre broadband, family members can use the internet at the same time without any disruptions, whether its online shopping, downloading songs, playing games, watching movies, using social media or downloading free e-magazines and newspapers.

Gamers: Download and play games online

With fibre broadband, games will run and download faster, whilst ensuring connection won’t be lost.

Chat to family and friends

Connect with family, friends and colleagues wherever they may be in the world through high definition video calling such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. No more time delays or frozen screens!

Work from home

Fibre broadband enables working from home fast and effective. Allowing more flexibility, giving you a better work/life balance. You could even consider setting up your own business from home as you will have access to global markets and connections at your fingertips, and a host of online services that allow you to run your business more effectively. With faster broadband you can study online courses with flexible hours that fit in with family life and video tutorials that work immediately buffer-free.

Instant Cloud Technology

Store your files such as pictures, music, videos and other documents online in the cloud rather than on your hard drive, home computer or any electronic device. Files can also be backed up on the cloud instantly and this will free up vital space, meaning a faster and more efficient computer. Instead your files will be kept safe and you can access them anywhere and on any device.

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