The benefits of having Fibre broadband for Businesses

Better service and increased reliability

Having access to fibre broadband will ensure that people who are using the Internet at the same time will be able to improve their services by quicker downloads and uploads, eliminating the usual lag or delay caused by the volume of user usage with regular broadband.

Boost productivity and increase profits

Faster broadband speeds with fibre technologies even at peak times of day means that you can upload / download large files such as complex graphics, videos and content relevant to your business in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Computing

Implement more efficient security protocols. Get access to the latest and best business software through cloud computing services such as instant data back-ups – removing the need for manual security and upgrades.

Reduce costs

Reduce energy use by using cloud computing - this means less need for energy hungry servers at every business premise or office. Virtual private networks (VPN) allow business PCs or laptops to be remotely hosted, saving energy too.  A VPN is a system where people can access work data files, intranets and private networks over the internet.

Work from any location

Working from home, on the move or in a different country can be seamless and easy. Save money at the same time by reducing travel costs to the office and face-to-face meetings whilst also reducing the environmental impact.

Enhanced customer relationships

Connect with existing and new customers and suppliers in innovative ways via Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, and high definition video conferencing.

Case Studies

Read about the amazing benefits that a faster and more reliable broadband connection could have to your business on the Leicestershire Digital Growth Programme’s website,   hear first-hand from successful businesses in Leicestershire about how they have used improved digital connectivity to grow their business.

Case Studies

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