#12cabsofXmas Comes to an End

The twelve cabinets of Christmas countdown has come to an end today with Diseworth being announced as the final cabinet. If you missed out on any of the announcements see the list below to see if you could upgrade now. If you do spot your town or you know someone that might be interested in getting it. Use the line checker on the ‘When and Where?’ page to see if you could upgrade before the New Year.

1. Loughborough

2. Woodhouse Eaves

3. Broughton Astley (Sutton Elms)

4. Scraptoft (Thurnby)

5. Bottesford

6. Whetstone

7. Melton Mowbray

8. Countesthorpe

9. Great Glen

10. Markfield

11. Birstall

12. Diseworth

Tweet us @LeicsCountyHall to find out how you could benefit from fibre broadband. And don’t forget we have plenty of news coming your way search for the #thebigeve announcement tomorrow at 3pm.